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Basic Japanese Class


    Basic-A1 <12 hours>

    Basic-A2 <12 hours>

  • - To acquire essential Japanese for daily life.
  • - To learn how to deal with the inevitable issues faced in Japanese life.
  • - To develop communication skills to establish good relationships with colleagues, neighbors, etc.
  • Textbook: "Nihongo Daijobu! Book1" (designed for optimum language learning by SANC)

    Basic-B1 <12 hours>
    Basic-B2 <12 hours>
    Basic-B3 <12 hours>

  • - To study talking about oneself and one's own country, one's experience and future.
  • - To acquire the expressions to request nicely, decline politely, give one's thanks, and etc.
  • - To learn verbs' conjugations.
  • - To expand vocabulary/expressions and learn more complex language structures.
  • - To develop presentation skills.
  • Textbook: "Nihongo Daijobu! Book2" (designed for optimum language learning by SANC)

Class Contents