Japanese Lessons: Regular Class Lessons <Business Japanese>

Business Japanese Class

    Business Strategies <1 course = 12 hours>

  • - To handle business conversation using basic Japanese.
  • - To study expressions used in business scene such as greetings, arranging appointments, making requests, expressing gratitude, telephone and e-mail.
  • - To learn Japanese business styles of communication.

    Business Japanese <1 course = 12 hours>

  • - To learn basic vocabulary and expressions for business and Japanese business customs.
  • - To study giving one's opinions, explaining, confirming and etc. in business scene.
  • - To develop effective presentation skills.

    Advanced Business Japanese <1 course = 12 hours>

  • - To learn Japanese skills for business and business customs in Japan.
  • - To gain insight into Japanese business issues and trends.
  • - To express one's opinion appropriately in Japanese through discussions.