Communicating in Japanese

"Daijobu!" (Will be all right!)

Sun Academy NIHONGO Center is a Japanese language school for those who want to become a good Japanese communicator. You can start communicating in Japanese quickly with three elements: Japanese, strategies, and cultural understanding.


◆INFORMATION: "Point-and-Speak YUBISASHI for COVID-19" by Joho Center Publishing Co., Ltd. is available.
It contains COVID-19 Phrases in 19 languages and you can download it for free.
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"Nihongo Daijobu!" Series are on sale with great reviews!!
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"Nihongo Daijobu!" Series

Nihongo Daijobu! Book1 Nihongo Daijobu! Book1 Nihongo Daijobu! Book1 [Teacher Guide] Nihongo Daijobu! Book2 [Teacher Guide]

New Students invited for SANC Regular Class
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Online consultation/trial lesson will be offerred (for prevention of COVID-19 infections)

Sun Academy Summer Break (Office Closed)
>> Office is closed from Saturday August 8 to Sunday August 16 for summer break.