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"Nihongo Daijobu!: Elementary Japanese through Practical Tasks"

"Nihongo Daijobu!" is the basic-level Japanese textbook designed for optimum language learning which Sun Academy has developed. It consists of a main book, a supplementary book and CD-ROMs (MP3).


1. "Task-Based Approach", a communication build-up method, to improve accuracy and fluency at the same time.

2. Strategies to cope with and compensate for not understanding 100% out of the classroom.

3. Various simulations and dramas that develop insight into cross-cultural psychology.

Nihongo Daijobu! Book1

Nihongo Daijobu! Book2

Nihongo Daijobu! Book1 Teacher Guide

Nihongo Daijobu! Book2 Teacher Guide

"Nihongo Daijobu!"
Book 1

"Nihongo Daijobu!"
Book 2

"Nihongo Daijobu!"
Book 1
[Teacher Guide]

"Nihongo Daijobu!"
Book 2
[Teacher Guide]

"Nihongo Daijobu!" Book 2

Nihongo Daijobu!Nihongo Daijobu! s1

"Nihongo Daijobu!": the main book

12 units (Unit13 to Unit 24)

1. To coherently discuss a diverse array of topics in Japanese.

2. To enjoyably communicate in real-world situations.

3. To master key elementary grammar rules.

Roman letters alongside the Japanese characters, English description and translation

  • Unit 13: Daisuki desu (Likes and Dislikes)
  • Unit 14: Watashi, kazoku, shigoto (Me, my family, my job)
  • Unit 15: Sugu kite kudasai! (Come quickly, please!)
  • Unit 16: Hontoni arigato (Thank you very much)
  • Unit 17: Watashi no kuni to Nihon (My country and Japan)
  • Unit 18: Dekimasu! (I can do it!)
  • Unit 19: Watashi no kuni no osusume supotto (Vacation spots in my country)
  • Unit 20: Ki ni shinaide kudasai (Please don't worry)
  • Unit 21: Wasurerarenai omoide (Unforgettable memories)
  • Unit 22: Do omoimasu ka (What do you think?)
  • Unit 23: Moshi maho ga tsukaetara (If I could use magic)
  • Unit 24: Okagesamade jozu ni narimashita (Thanks to you, it has improved)

"Nihongo Daijobu!": the supplementary book

1. Self-check: Exercises for consolidating understanding of grammar; includes listening exercises for acclimatizing learners to casual speech styles

2. Kanji Drills: Exercises that introduce new kanji and provide reading practice

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Nihongo Daijobu! S2Nihongo Daijobu! S3

"Nihongo Daijobu! Book2 [Teacher's Guide]"

For the teachers who aim at more captivate and effective lessons using "Nihongo Daijobu! Book 2". (The Japan Times Book Club)

Nihongo Daijobu! Book2 [Teacher's Guide]

"Nihongo Daijobu! [Teacher's Guide]" Contents

1. About "Nihongo Daijobu!": Contents, Curriculum Example, Concept, Tasks

2. How to proceed tasks in each unit: Unit 13 - Unit 24

3. Appendix: Translations for all grammar notes, Listening scripts for Self-Check worksheets, List of picture and word cards on CD-ROM

4. Enclosed CD-ROM: contains 530 picture and word cards