Become a Master of Japanese Communication!

How to choose the most suitable Japanese class

I'm a very biginner, and I want to communicating in Japanese as soon as possible!
Basic Japanese Class

I can't understand Japanese and it's so tough every day...
Basic Japanese Class

I studied grammar and vocabulary, but I still can't speak well.
Basic Japanese ClassLower-Intermediate Japanese Class

I want to have a small talk with friends and colleagues! I want to know how Japanese people think!
Lower-Intermediate Japanese ClassIntermediate Japanese Class

I want to learn Japanese through watching movies and reading the latest news!
Intermediate Japanese ClassAdvanced Japanese Class

I want to work using Japanese! I want to discuss on the latest topics!
Intermediate Japanese ClassAdvanced Japanese ClassBusiness Japanese Class

I don't know what I should start from for JLPT... I want to pass the exam without fail!
JLPT Prep Class

I'm now raising children, and I want to know about schools and make mom/dad friends!
Kangaroo Class

I'm interested in Japanese calligraphy, flower arrangement, tanka (Japanese poem of 31 syllables), and etc., and I want to get a taste of them!
Culture Class Lessons