About Sun Academy NIHONGO Center (SANC)

Become a Master of Japanese Communication!

Effective Communication

Sun Academy NIHONGO Center (SANC) was established upon the belief that to be a good communicator, it is imperative to improve communication skills.

Of course Japanese skills are very important. Equally important, however, is developing cross-cultural understanding and strategies, so that you can communicate beyond your current level.

The best way to improve communication skills quickly and surely is through a balanced mix of these three elements.

Japanese Language

Task-Based Approach

We aim for students to express their opinions and feelings in Japanese in a short period. It took a long time for students to reach this level in with old Japanese learning methods. However, our "Task-Based Approach", a communication build-up method SANC has developed, allows students to improve accuracy and fluency at the same time. There are no boring mechanical drills and rote memorization. With our new approach, students come to express their opinions quickly.


Learn useful strategies for coping with a wide variety of real life situations.

The Japanese used in real communication is not the Japanese of the classroom. This is why students at SANC learn strategies to cope with and compensate for not understanding 100%. We teach students to get the meaning for sure and get their meaning across. Once students master these strategies, they will be able to communicate with Japanese people equally at any level of Japanese.

Cross-Cultural Understanding

Develop mutual understanding to overcome cultural barriers.

Culture and ways of thinking have a strong influence on communication. In order to understand and be understood, it is necessary to know how to maintain a good relationship with others. As a result, SANC includes simulations and dramas that develop insight into cross-cultural psychology. Through these activities, students will learn empathetic negotiation skills by putting themselves in the other's position.

Our instructors are all experienced Japanese teachers who have taught the Japanese language to people with diverse backgrounds from many different countries, including business people and their families, technical trainees, international students, Indo-chinese Refugees, etc. Through these experiences, we have developed our innovative curriculum and materials. Students start learning to be good communicators from the very first lesson.