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"Nihongo Daijobu!: Elementary Japanese through Practical Tasks"

"Nihongo Daijobu!" is the basic-level Japanese textbook designed for optimum language learning which Sun Academy has developed. It consists of a main book, a supplementary book and CD-ROMs (MP3).


1. "Task-Based Approach", a communication build-up method, to improve accuracy and fluency at the same time.

2. Strategies to cope with and compensate for not understanding 100% out of the classroom.

3. Various simulations and dramas that develop insight into cross-cultural psychology.

Nihongo Daijobu! Book1

Nihongo Daijobu! Book2

Nihongo Daijobu! Book1 Teacher Guide

Nihongo Daijobu! Book2 Teacher Guide

"Nihongo Daijobu!"
Book 1

"Nihongo Daijobu!"
Book 2

"Nihongo Daijobu!"
Book 1
[Teacher Guide]

"Nihongo Daijobu!"
Book 2
[Teacher Guide]

"Nihongo Daijobu!" Book 1

Nihongo Daijobu!Nihongo Daijobu! S3

"Nihongo Daijobu!": the main book

12 units and "kana-kana drills"

1. To learn how to deal with various daily situations with at one's own Japanese level.

2. To study talking about one's daily lives.

3. To acquire essential Japanese grammar.

Roman letters alongside the Japanese characters, English description and translation

  • Unit 1: Dozo yoroshiku (Nice to meet you)
  • Unit 2: Nan desu ka (What is this?)
  • Unit 3: Nan-ji desu ka (What time is it?)
  • Unit 4: Kaimono (Shopping strategies)
  • Unit 5: Okinawa ni ikimasu (I am going to Okinawa)
  • Unit 6: Denwa (Using telephone strategies)
  • Unit 7: Itadakimasu (Thank you for the meal)
  • Unit 8: Saiko no nichi-yobi (My perfect Sunday)
  • Unit 9: Sore, ii desu ne! (That's nice!)
  • Unit 10: Do deshita ka (How was it?)
  • Unit 11: Yasumitai-n-desu ga... (Calling in sick)
  • Unit 12: Watashi no sodatta machi (My hometown)

"Nihongo Daijobu!": the supplementary book

1. Strategies: Useful Japanese phrases and information for 21 daily situations

2. Glossary: Collection of vocabulary sorted by category

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Nihongo Daijobu! S1Nihongo Daijobu! S2

"Nihongo Daijobu! Book1 [Teacher's Guide]"

For the teachers who aim at more exciting and inspiring lessons using "Nihongo Daijobu!". (The Japan Times Book Club)

Nihongo Daijobu! [Teacher's Guide]

"Nihongo Daijobu! [Teacher's Guide]" Contents

1. About "Nihongo Daijobu!": Contents, Curriculum Example, Concept, Tasks

2. How to proceed tasks in each unit: All 12 units

3. Appendix: Translations for all grammar notes, List of picture and word cards on CD-ROM

4. Enclosed CD-ROM: contains 640 picture and word cards

Let's Try!: Do you know these Japanese?

1. "O-namae wa..."

2. Hiragana Quiz

3. Kanji for Days of Week