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SANC Custom-Designed Lessons


Depending on the students' schedule and study style, we offer curriculum designed and tailored to meet each individuals' needs by trained and experienced professional teachers.

Curriculums and schedules shall be arranged in accordance with students' needs before the lessons commence. Students can select lesson style and lesson hour as well.


Full-Custom Plan

Curriculum shall be designed to fully meet students' needs and style. Students can select places of lessons as well as lesson schedule. Sun Academy will respond flexibly students' needs such as changing lesson schedule.

Semi-Custom Plan

Curriculum shall be chosen from "ready-made" curriculums, which Sun Academy has designed based on our teachers' experiences. Lessons will be held at Sun Academy. This is not fully custom-designed, but it makes possible to offer less expensive tuition.


Sun Academy will conduct consultations with students and support students' study all through the course.

  • 1. We offer a trial lesson free-of- charge for any new SANC students.
  • 2. Students may consult Sun Academy or instructors to change their lesson schedule any time. (Full-Custom Plan)
  • 3. Students may ask to change their instructor at any time by contacting Sun Academy. (Full-Custom Plan)
  • 4. Sun Academy will conduct regular review with students after the course has started to ensure study plans suit their needs.
  • 5. We provide students evaluations for learning progress at the end of the course and/or anytime upon their requests during the course.
Available time for lesson Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 20:30, Saturday: 9:00 to 17:00
Lesson hour 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours

Tuition fees of SANC Custom-Designed Lessons shall be paid in advance by the unit of 12 hours before the commencement or renewal of the course.

Full-Custom Plan 79,200 yen for 1 unit (tax included)[6,600 yen/hour]
Semi-Custom Plan 60,720 yen for 1 unit (tax included)[5,060 yen/hour]

- Fees are on a per-person basis.

- Discount is applicable for advance purchase of 3 or more units in bulk: 5% for Full-Custom Plan, 3% for Semi-Custom Plan.

- All new SANC students will be charged a registration fee 5,500 yen.

- Transport expenses are already included in tuition fees.

- Tuition fee does not include textbooks and other materials.

- A free trial lesson for new comers as well as a consultation and a level-check is available anytime. Please contact us for reservation.


Sun Academy sends instructors to your company for Japanese lessons (both private and group). All courses can be designed depending on purpose or budget.

Please contact us for the details.